The Saga of the Whiskey Rebellion Vests

In our original kit decision discussions, we came to an agreement on five points regarding vests:

  • We decided they would be charcoal grey
  • We wanted them to be sturdy, easily washable and preferably made out of a semi-breathable fabric (denim or canvas would be ideal)
  • We wanted them to be reasonably affordable
  • They needed to be available in a variety of sizes
  • We didn't want to have to make them ourselves

Satisfying all three points seemed initially to be a difficult task โ€“ web searches for ready-made vests turned up results that would maybe satisfy some of these criteria, but none that seemed to satisfy all five. Then, Tom and Karin were in Target and they found the perfect vest โ€“ one that satisfied all five criteria! They were dark grey [actually, hermatite) canvas vests made by Converse One Star, available in a variety of sizes (especially if you bought them online), and retailed for ~$27.99 (YMMV). Jackpot!!

The only downside was that they were already on the clearance rack โ€“ it was obvious that they were not going to be around for much longer (much less available for future generations of Whiskey Rebellion morris dancers). However, this was a downside to pretty much any ready-made vest, so we decide to go for it, and make these our official kit vest. We also bought a few extras, which was a good thing because, as predicted, they are no longer available.

For posterity's sake, the vital stats on the vest:

Converse One Star Scribner vest
Herringbone vest - dk. grey (hermatite)
Barcode: 4 90340 60254 3
$27.99 (on sale for $22.39 - $23.99)
100 percent cotton

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