Weobley Handclap Dance

Source: Written in 1986 by Andy Anderson (Red Stags). Taught to the Hounds in 1992 by James Allwright (Red Stags).

Tune: Jack Off the Green (William Preece) as A(AB)4A (A=figures, B=chorus).

Formation: A square set of four with no implements.

Hands: On the first beat of each “step-hop-step-hop” raise a hand, alternating between left and right hands.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Large Rounds, Chorus, Dogbones, Chorus, Stars, Chorus, Bombast, Chorus, Large Rounds.

Chorus: Small rounds=each dancer turns over their right shoulder and dances a small individual circle clockwise. C=clap in front of you. B=clap behind your back. R=slap your right leg. L=slap your left leg. UR=clap under your right leg. UL=clap under your left leg. A=clap diagonally across the set with both hands, and hold until the music resumes.

The sequence is: Small rounds (ending in a small square), | C R C - C L C - | C UR C UL C B A |, small rounds (ending in a set).

Large Rounds: Turn out over your right shoulder and as a group circle clockwise, going around twice.

Dogbones: Pass right shoulders across the set, swerve right and loop left back to your partner's place. Repeat, ending in your original place.

Stars: Do a right-hand star for half the music, then a left-hand star back. Remember where you started!

Bombast: Start from a square set. Each dancer will move one place counterclockwise around the square and then turn out over their right shoulder. First corners (the diagonal pair that includes the person closest to the musician's right hand) will go there directly, but second corners first pass right shoulders in the middle of the set and then go to their progressed place. Repeat this a total of 4 times to get back to your original place.

Dance notes written by Mike Miller of the Bassett Street Hounds. Original notes can be found here. You can also find the original Red Stags notes on their website.

Tune: Jack Off The Green

T:Weobley Handclap Dance
T:Jack Off the Green
R:single jig
H:A variant of the tune in John Kirkpatrick's "Opus Pocus"
H:Used a tune for Red Stags Morris dance "Weobley Hand-clapping Dance"
C:William Preece.
W:There was a young woman / As fine as ever was seen
W:And with an old broomstick / She knocked Jack off the green
D | G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | G2 G AGA | B3 B2 A | 
G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | e3 dBG | A3 G2 |]
z | d3 g3 | f2 e B3 | e2 f g2 g | a2 g e2 f | g2 g gfe | d2 c B3 | 
e2 e efe |\
d2 c (HB3 B3) A3 |\
G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | e3 dBG | A3 G2 |]
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